Woodwarm Fireview Eco C5-S

The smallest stove in the Fireview range still produces 5kw of heat and is extremely efficient. It also boasts, as do all Woodwarm stoves, accreditations for ultra low emissions, exceeding the targets set by the 2022 Clean Air Act. Making it a true environmental leader.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra low emissions. Exceeding the Ecodesign Ready 2022 standard.
  • Has achieved clearSkies level 5 certification.
  • Exceptionally easy to light control.
  • Advanced clean burn air wash system that keeps the glass clear.
  • Handcrafted in Devon using only the finest quality steel.
  • Full riddling grate and ashpan.
  • Max log length 400mm
  • Multifuel stove. Can also be used for wood burning only, due to its true flat grate.
  • Compatible with rear flue adapter.
  • Suitable for a 12mm superimposed hearth.
  • Wood efficiency 82.5%. Solid fuel efficiency 80.6%
  • Passive air capability.
  • Dimensions: mm
    H: 570 W: 545 D: 345

    Distance to combustibles:
    Single Wall Flue: Top 450mm – Rear 300mm – Side 400mm
    Twin Wall Flue: Top 450mm – Rear 150mm – Side 400mm

    These distances from combustibles can only be achieved by using an additional single skin heatshield.
    The clearance between the stove and any non combustible surface is not recommended to be any less than 152mm from the side or rear and 300mm from above.