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[Oct 2020Misconceptions of using Wood Burning StovesWatch SIA YouTube Video Read More
[Oct 2019]We're on ITV4 - Made in Britain, Series 2, Episode 4 at 8pmRead More
[Nov 2018]New Arrivals Lysa Elipse 1 - Low Base (5kW) & Lysa Elipse 5Lysa Elipse 1 with low base side glass Read More
[June 2018] The Right Fuel & Considering the EnvironmentStove Industry Leaders consulted with Defra and once again Defra has clarified they are NOT looking to ban stoves. (HETAS 1st June 2018)Read More
[May 2018] Dean Stoves – A colourful customers’ choice for today.They are efficient and they will look good in homes old and new.Read More