Stovax Studio Steel XS

Similar to the existing Stovax Studio Steel inset wood burning fire, the Studio Steel XS has slimmer proportions and offer a very different look, complementing the Studio’s distinctive wide screen flame picture.

This wood burning fire is finished in jet Black or available with a choice of vibrant options to really create the wow-factor.

Fire Size Nominal Heat Output
& Range
Log Length
Edge Frame Size
mm (w x h x d)
Studio 500 5kW (1.7-7kW) 250mm 688 x 567 x 3
Studio1 5kW (1.7-7kW) 300mm 881 x 567 x 3
Studio 2 8kW (2.8-11kW) 400mm 1111 x 622 x 3
Studio 2
9kW (3.5-12kW) 400mm 1111 x 622 x 3
Studio 3 11kW (3.8-16kW) 500mm 1518 x 647 x 3