Studio Edge & Edge ‘Cool Wall’

The Studio Edge ‘Cool Wall’ is for those who require minimalist modern perfection.

This contemporary fire has a seamless no-frame design, allowing your home’s interior to frame and enhance the roaring flames.

Combine this with the optional fan-assisted convection system and you can boost the flow of heat into your room whilst providing a beautiful focal point.

Fire Size Nominal
Heat Output
& Range
Edge Frame
Size mm
(w x h)
Edge ‘Cool Wall’
Frame Size mm
(w x h)
Studio 500 5kW (1.7-7kW) 250mm 550 x 421* 550 x 428*
Studio1 5kW (1.7-7kW) 300mm 743 x 421* 743 x 428*
Studio 2 8kW (2.8-11kW) 400mm 943 x 446* 943 x 453*
Studio 2
9kW (3.5-12kW) 400mm 943 x 457* 943 x 457*
Studio 3 11kW (3.8-16kW) 500mm 1330 x 451* 1330 x 463*

*Dimensions given are those overall visible upon installation.