Loxton 3

Loxton 3
The Loxton 3 is the smallest variant of the Loxton stove range.

This small multi-fuel stove is designed especially for smaller rooms and fireplaces able to heat up to 40 cu.metres efficiently. The compact size allows the stove to fit snugly into the smallest of fireplaces, not overheating your room whilst delivering 3.0kW of heat for only 700g of wood per hour!

The 5mm steel constructed appliance is fitted with a cast iron grate, fully insulated vermiculite chamber and large ash pan. The Loxton 3 may be small but it has range leading efficiency figures providing high levels of heat for small quantities of wood or registered smokeless fuels. The Loxton 3 is now available with an optional small stove stand to raise the stove so making loading easier and give a more contemporary look.


  • Compact size
  • Cast iron grate
  • Air cooled handle
Loxton 3
Output kW 3.2kW(wood) 3.2kW(coal)
Efficiency 86%(wood)  83% (coal)
Dimensions h x w x d 525 x 380 x 280 (Stove)
250 x 700 x 400 (Stand)