Lotus Unico 11 & 12 Two Sided Window Inset

The Lotus Unico range combines breathtaking styling and Nordic craftsmanship with impressive versatility, presenting a variety of single sided, two sided left corner, two sided right corner and three sided versions that offer numerous styling opportunities for a wide range of interiors.

Displaying all the hallmarks of a premium fire, the engineering behind the Unico’s impressive construction is clearly visible, featuring an expansive firebox and large viewing windows, kept clean by the powerful Airwash system, Lotus Unico fires offer a spectacular view of the flames as well as a generous 6kW heat output that is easily capable of warming spacious rooms.

Unico fires employ a number of design innovations that enhance both their functionality and ease of use, including a soft-close door that prevents slamming as well as an adjustable base for easier installation.

The Unico 11 and 12 models offer a corner installation, allowing the flame visuals to be appreciated from multiple angles, thanks to the additional side window. Choose the Unico 11 for a right corner window or the Unico 12 for a left corner window. Both models feature all the benefits of the Unico range.

Lotus Unico 11 & 12  Two-window Inset Specifications

High efficiency 80%
Nominal heat output and range 6kW (4-9kW)
Dimensions h x w x d 744 x 777 x 330 mm
Weight 122kg