Lotus M2ST with Integral Heat Storage

The Lotus M26T is a stove that is sure to add instant impact and make a real style statement in your home.

The M2ST is equipped with an innovative integral heat storage system that retains heat during burning and then releases it gently for up to 14 hours after the fire has gone out.  It also features the ability to control the amount of heat output to the room and that which is to be retained.

The vertical steel panels offer a clean contemporary form and allow the heat to radiate out from the storage cells into the room.  The striking black steel is accented by the elegant stainless steel control levers and handle, making the M2ST the perfect combination of form and function, and an ultra-stylish solution for ensuring your home is always cosy and warm.

Lotus M2ST Specifications

High efficiency up to 80%
Wood version Yes
Nominal heat output and range 6kW (4-10kW)
Dimensions h x w x d 1413 x 560 x 560mm
Weight 465kg