Elise Edge+

Offering further flexibility, the Stovax Elise Edge+ wood burning and multi-fuel inset fire continues the minimalist styling of the original Edge design but allows for easier finishing, as the surrounding wall edge is covered by the frame.

Available in both 3 sided and 4 sided versions, the Edge+ adds an extremely narrow trim which overlays the finished wall surface, preserving the hole-in-the-wall style and creating a clean border around all Elise sizes.

Model Nominal Heat
Output & Range
Log Length
3 Sided Edge
(w x h x d)
4 Sided Edge
(w x h x d)
Elise 540 5kW (3 – 7kW) 300mm 571 x 569 x 3mm 571 x 588 x 3mm
Elise 680 7-8kW (4 – 11kW) 500mm 711 x 569 x 3mm 711 x 588 x 3mm
Elise 850 9kW (5 – 12kW) 640mm 881 x 649 x 3mm 881 x 668 x 3mm