Dartmoor Baker W5 Non-eco Spares


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Product Code ModelDescription Example Image
SPDFDA5ACPCEBaker W5 Non-eco Air Wash control disc Control End
SPDFDA5ACPLBaker W5 Non-ecoAir Wash control disc Plain End
SPDFDAW5APBaker W5 Non-eco Ash Pan
SPDFDA5ARBaker W5 Non-ecoAsh Retainer
SPDFDA5BPBaker W5 Non-ecoBaffle Plate
SPDFDA5BISBaker W5 Non-eco Brick Insulation Set
SPDFDAW5BSIBaker W5 Non-eco Brick LH & RH (Steel) pair
SPDFDA5BRBaker W5 Non-ecoBrick Rear (steel)
SPDFDAW5BRBaker W5 Non-ecoBrick Rear (pair)Dartmoor W5-Brick-Rear-Pair
SODFBBCA5Dartmoor Baker W5 Non-ecoBaker Back Flue with Sweep Access 125mm

SODFBBCA6Dartmoor Baker W5 Non-ecoBaker Back Flue with Sweep Access 150mm

SPDFDAW5BSIBaker W5 Non-ecoBrick Side (pair)
SPDFDA5DKBaker W5 Non-eco DEFRA KitDartmoor 5 Defra Kit
SPDFDA5FS125Baker W5 Non-eco Flue Spigot 125mm
SPDFDAW5FRBaker W5 Non-eco Fuel Retainer (MF)
SPDFDA5BGLBaker W5 Non-eco Main Door Glass
SPDFDABW5GLBaker W5 Non-eco Oven Glass
SPDFDABW5OSBaker W5 Non-ecoOven Shelf
SPDFDAW5MFGCBaker W5 Non-ecoGrate Centre
SPDFDA5MFGBaker W5 Non-eco Grate Frame (MF)
SPDFDA5HBaker W5 Non-eco Door Hinge
SPDFDA5HBaker W5 Non-eco Hinge Pins 6mm (pair)
SPDFDA5BRKBaker W5 Non-eco Main Door Rope Seal Kit
SPDFDABW5ORKBaker W5 Non-eco OVEN Door Rope Seal Kit
SPDFDA5OTBaker W5 Non-ecoOperating Tool
SPDFDA5MRFBBaker W5 Non-ecoRiddle Bar (MF)Dartmoor5_riddle-bar-Dean-Stoves
SPDFDA5MFSBBaker W5 Non-eco Side Bricks pair
Multi-fuel (MF)
SPDFDA5HSSBaker W5 Non-ecoStainless Steel Handle Complete-Dartmoor-Range-Stainless-Steel-Door-Handle