Croft Medium Non-eco – Spares

Croft Medium Spares

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Product Code ModelDescriptionImage Example
SPDFCBMACSPCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoAsh Control Spring (each)
SPDFCBMAPCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoAsh Pan
SPDFCBMAPTCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoAsh Pan Tool
SPDFCBMAWKBLCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoAir Wash Knob Black
SPDFCBMAWKBRCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoAir Wash Knob Brass
SPDFCBMAWKSSCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoAir Wash Knob Stainless Steel
SODFBB5Croft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoBack Box (Rear Flue Adaptor) 125mm
SODFBBCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoBack Box (Rear Flue Adaptor) 125mm
SPDFCBMBPCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoBaffle Plate
SPDFCBMBPRBCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoBlanking Plate Retaining Bar
SPDFCBMDCCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoDoor Catch
SPDFCBMGLCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoDoor Glass (each)
SPDFCBMHBCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoDoor Handle Bar
SPDFCBMHCCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoDoor Handle Cage
SPDFCBMHSSCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoDoor Handle Stainless SteelCroft-Clearburn-Junior-Stainless-Steel-Door-Handle
SPDFCBMFBCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoFire Brick
SPDFCBMFBCUCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoFire Brick Cut (1No)
SPDFCBMFBSCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoFire Brick Set (9No)
SPDFCBMFLBPCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoFlue Blanking Plate
SPDFCBMFS125Croft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoFlue Spigot 150mm
SPDFCBMGRCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoGlass Retaining StripCroft-Clearburn-Junior-Glass-Retaining-Strip-SPDFCBJGR
SPDFCBMGRHSCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoGlass Retaining Strip Handle SideCroft-Clearburn-Junior-Glass-Retaining-Strip-Handle-Side
SPDFCBMGRSCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoGlass Retaining Screw (each)
SPDFCBMHPCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoHinge Pins 8mm
SPDFCBMLRCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoLog Retainer
SPDFCBMRKCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoMain Door Rope Seal Kit
SPDFCBMMFGCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoMulti-Fuel Grate Centre
SPDFCBMMFMFCroft Clearburn Medium Non-ecoMulti-Fuel Main Frame

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