Kiln Dried Birch Logs – Dumpy Bag

We have a wide selection of wood & fuel available from our showroom  – collect your wood logs or have it delivered.

Dumpy Bag Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Dumpy Bag £155.00 – Local Delivery*

Dumpy Bag £125.00 – Collected

These Fuels are all suitable for burning in Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves, Chimeneas, fire bowls & open fires.  To store your delivery of logs or cut wood beside your home there is a range of attractive Log Stores available

Premium Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood Logs are an ideal choice for log burners and fire pits.  This highly effective wood provides maximum heat output, and is easy to light.  Kiln dried Birch logs produces low sparking and spitting, with a long-lasting burn time.  100% birch wood is certified READY TO BURN.

All items are subject to availability so please contact us on Tel 01364 643574

*Kerb side delivery only and within specific postcode zones – please request rates for non-standard delivery as extra fees may apply.

Certified wood fuels will give you more heat from each piece of Ready to Burn wood fuel burnt. They burn more efficiently than unseasoned, green wood and reduce the environmental impact of burning. Using proven dry wood is also better for your appliance and chimney and will help reduce maintenance and fuel costs.


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