Ex-Display Dartmoor 8 Multi-Fuel Stove

Ex-Display Dartmoor 8 Multi-Fuel Stove

This good looking ex-display Dartmoor 8kw multi-fuel stove has been developed to provide a wide door 8kw stove and a clear view of the flames.  It is an ideal choice for either traditional or contemporary homes with larger fireplaces. View this Dartmoor 8 multi-fuel stove at our Dean Prior Showroom.

Ex-Display Price Now: £990.67 inc vat

RRP:  £1132.20  inc vat

Dartmoor 8 features

  • Large glass door
  • Powerful airwash system, designed to create a clearer view of the fire by creating combustion over the glass
  • Multi-fuel model
  • Rear and base protection plates not normally required unless the stove is being sited on a heat sensitive hearth material such as slate or marble

    Dartmoor 8 – Dimensions 

Colour Details Dimensions
Flat Black Dartmoor 8 Profiled Flat Top W: 565
H: 640
D: 343

Dartmoor 8 – Key Facts

Nominal Output 8Kw
Efficiency 74.90%
Flue Size 150mm (6″)
Standard Leg Length 105mm (4.1″)
Optional Integral Boiler No
Optional Double Wrap Boiler  No
Optional Flat Back Boiler  No
Flue Centre Top 115mm
Flue Centre Rear 475mm
Energy Efficiency Rating A

Distance to combustibles (mm) Rear of
Side of
With Rear
Heat Shield
Dartmoor 8 900 600 475