Dunsley Highlander Woodburning & Multi-fuel Stoves

Dunsley Highlander Woodburning & Multi-fuel Stoves
The Dunsley range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves offer build quality with outstanding value for money. Dunsley Heat not only manufacture their well tested Highlander Range. The Highlander 3,5,7,8 and 10 but have developed the Dunsley Yorkshire the only stove to have ever met all the U.K. clean-burn tests.

Highlander Range

These well priced multi-fuel stoves incorporate an opening and closing shaker grate, this enables you to get the and excellent burn when burning either wood or recommended coal or smokeless fuel. A large ashpan under the grate makes it easy to remove the unwanted ash.

A super airwash system has been designed to keep the glass clean, creating a superb flame pattern as it meet the incoming air, thus causing secondary combustion to take place.

A stainless steel boiler is available for all models.

Highlander 3 Multifuel stove W: 350mm
H: 560mm
D: 385mm
Highlander 5 Multifuel stove W: 425mm
H: 560mm
D: 385mm
Highlander 7 Multifuel stove W: 520mm
H: 650mm
D: 385mm
Highlander 8 Multifuel stove W: 605mm
H: 630mm
D: 385mm
Dunsley Highlander 5 Solo Slimline Pedestal
Multi-fuel stove
W: 605mm
H: 825mm
D: 420mm
Highlander 10 W: 690mm
H: 630mm
D: 385mm