Dartmoor Baker 8 Eco Wood burning Cook Stove

The Dartmoor Baker’s (based on the successful Dartmoor Stove Range) have an integral oven above the fire box utilising the heat form the fire to cook bake or warm delicious food.  

The Dartmoor Baker 8 Eco (8kw nominal) wood burning or multi-fuel stove has a good size oven and three shelf heights.

The Dartmoor Baker’s have oven vents which allow the cooking smells and condensation to be drawn out of the oven and up the chimney. If you would like to use the top of the stove to warm a pan or boil a kettle then the use of the back flue outlet is recommended when installing the stove. Using the rear flue outlet will create a clear area, providing extra space and access to the hotter part of the top plate (near the back), a special Dartmoor Baker back adaptor with flue cleaning access can be purchased to achieve this.

All the Dartmoor Baker’s have a removable cleaning plate located inside the oven.  This door provides a cleaning access to the top of the oven or for sweeping the chimney when fitted with a top exit flue.  Check your chimney sweep is happy to sweep through this access door before installation. Wood burner or multi-fuel stove options available.

All the Dartmoor Baker 8 can be manufactured with an extended stove top (left or right hand side) top width + 180mm.

Colour Details Dimensions
Flat Black Baker 8 Eco Profiled Flat Top W: 565
H: 850
D: 343
D: 353 with double rear heat shield
D: 425 with handle

Baker 8 Eco – Key Facts

Nominal Output 8Kw
Efficiency 80.5%
Flue Size 150mm (6″)
Standard Leg Length 105mm (4.13″)
Flue Centre Top 115mm
Flue Centre Rear 685mm
Energy Efficiency Rating A


All the Dartmoor Bakers can be manufactured with an extended stove top.  The Baker 5 Eco (top width +120mm); Baker W5 Eco (+150mm); Baker 8 Eco (+180mm), and comes as standard on the left handside.

Oven SizesABCDE
Baker 5155mm205mm150mm100mm280
Baker W5140mm205mm180mm112mm410
Baker 8177mm250mm180mm112mm410

Distance to combustibles (mm) Rear of
Side of
With double Rear
Heat Shield
(with twin wall flue)
Dartmoor Baker 8 Eco 300 350 150

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