Broseley Serrano 5SE Logstore & Serrano 7SE Logstore

Colour Details Dimensions
Metallic Black Serrano 5 SE Logstore
Serrano 7 SE Logstore
W: 414 H: 760 D: 473
W: 590 H: 760 D: 488

Broseley Serrano 5 SE & 7 SE Multi-fuel Stoves with Log Store

Serrano 5 SE Log store
The best way to appreciate what this tall new member of the Serrano family adds to home life is to sit back in front of it.  Normally you look down into a stove’s embers and fire bed, but because the Serrano 5SE with log store is raised you can see amazing wisps of flame flickering around the top of the interior.  Endless fascination.

Serrano 7SE Log store
The statement which the broad shouldered Serrano 7SE makes it all the more magnificent with the integral log store.  It combines impact with convenience.  Not only does its considerable capacity mean fewer trips to fetch wood from outside, the grain and growth rings on the cut ends of the logs and the pattern they form stacked together add a satisfyingly natural design element.

Serrano 7SE Logstore
Serrano 7SE Logstore
  • Output: Serrano 5SE Logstore: 5kW  / Serrano 7 SE Logstore: 7kW
  • Efficiency: Serrano 5SE Logstore: 79.3%  / Serrano 7 SE Logstore: 77%
  • Cast iron construction
  • High Efficiency
    • Primary & secondary air controls
    • Top or rear flue outlet 125mm/5″
    • Airwash technology to help keep glass clean
    • External combustion air intake option
    • Easily removable cast iron firebricks and baffle (no fixings)
    • CE approved
    • Smoke Exempt for use in smoke control areas